The latest offering on Newclear Music is a long-anticipated collection of remixes of “The Last Sunrise”, a signature tune from nsu, in collaboration with Squeezer.

Opening the curtains is the long-time favourite from nsu‘s live set, the Immortal Mix – a fusion of dubstep rhythms, uplifting strings, and live electronica vibes. Next up is a newcomer to the Newclear team, Virus from Novi Sad in Serbia, whose remix blends funky breakbeats with a sliced-up melody from the original. Nort is on deck again, and locks an infectious groove with the original theme, for a driving tech number that is set to move all dance-floors under the sky. Newclear favourites Soul Science return yet again, this time with a lush, deep liquid cut, with only traces of the original present. Taking the EP into a distant dimension is Stray Theories, who uses original elements to reconstruct an ethereal ambient experience. And finally, closing out the remix EP is Squeezer‘s latest energetic re-interpretation of the tune that has been evolving through stages since 2001.