Nort! Churning out live minimal and progressive style bangin techno, with influences from his ambient glitch days seeping in, Nort is both atmospheric and pumping. Ethereal melody lines and drifting synths are boiled down, vaporized, and pumped out vents of his mechanical tek driven, steam machine.

Coming from New Zealand, Nort follows in a succession of talented outdoor artists from the tribes and pirates. Where music lives outside, and organic growth seeps into the digital.

Standup, engage gears, move..

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The Last Sunrise [Nort Rmx] - NSU
From The Last Sunrise - Remixes, released 10 December 2012 Written by I. Vuković and K Howe. Remix and additional production by A. Snook.
Higher Remixes
A long time coming, Newclear Music is proud to finally bring you one of the finest ever pieces by Micah D. Wolfe (aka Stray Theories, based out of South Island, NZ) – the ultimate uplifting drum’n'bass cut, “Higher”. Opening the release is the original rush-inducing Stray Theories version. Then, Soul Science are back again and this time take us for a spin into nu-skool jungle territory but still keeping with their signature liquid flavour. Following up is Melbourne-based Cantabrian Nort, who contributes a thumping, techy rinse-out. Rounding off the EP, nsu again leans to the experimental side and drops a soaring track referencing dub, jungle, dubstep, and live electronica – a number that heavily features in his live sets.
Clip EP
This is my latest works for my techno project Nort. A three track EP titled Clip. It features three origional techno's for you and your friends. They are available at: Stand up, engage gears, move..