Equal Dose is the fusion of two closely aligned parties from the Melbourne dance scene; together we form a union of avid music enthusiasts with decades of experience behind us. Our music is electronic in nature but diverse in appeal with influences ranging from Minimal to Techno and Progressive to Trance.

LiveSource develop websites for small to medium sized businesses and often specialize in sites for music artists and other creative cats. If you need a website and like the look of, get in touch with Shea from LiveSource.

Morphic clothing is a blend of the natural and the super natural. A blend of who we are, where we are from and that little bit of magic that ties it all together.

We strive to make clothing that embodies freedom and creativity. We achieve this by drawing design inspiration from the amazing landscapes of Aotearoa and the awesome interactions we have with the people and creatures in this beautiful land.

Once we have our stunning unique designs sorted we hand pick the best quality New Zealand made fabric and draw together the most exciting colour combinations.

We cut, screen print and sew these garments with care and attention right here in the South Island of New Zealand. This means that all the way along the process your garment is created by fulfilled and happy kiwi people who love doing what they do.

Christchurch's most consistent and regular outdoor party promoters! for well over 10 years they have been bringing us a party for every season. Keep an eye out for the next Solstice or Equinox Party.

Evovling Rhythms is the website of producer, and tribal traveler BOOMshanti aka Diwata. It is a journey back to simplicity, breaking moulds, mixing styles, back to world indigenous roots from a first generation Aotearoan perspective... "The Evolving Rhythms Tour" is an ever growing body of work I've begun which uses rhythm, dance and multi media technology to reflect the art of living in harmony with ourselves, each other, and our environments, through becoming conscious of being connected with a greater whole. He's traveled Aotearoa, Australia and spent 7 months sailing in the Pacific islands, collecting samples of rhythm based group music, whic have been woven together into a set of dance music and video.

Starlifter.TV, the topper-most of the blogger-most. A website physically based in Christchurch, New Zealand, spiritually inspired by Melbourne, Australia, and intellectually powered by Jolt Cola :p