Equal Dose is excited to present a podcast from one of Australia’s leading Progressive artists Rich Curtis. With a production catalogue a mile long and recent collaborations with heavy hitters such as Dousk, Andre Sobota and Cid Inc you can be sure this mix is quality from start to finish. We know you will enjoy this lush progressive journey of contemporary electronica.

For tracklists, parties, photos and more please visit: EqualDose.net


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Moonrise Mix Set by Invader Tron.

For the chillers.

Reach For The Dead - Boards of Canada
Maybe Somewhat Somewhere - Ioka ft. Yazzmina
Making Up Lost Time - Wolfen Technologies
Ghostly Notes - Ed Regan ft. Anna Lena
Tears for ASIMO - Module
My Absolution - Rhian Sheehan
We Drifted - Invader Tron
Unseen Dimensions - Mikrokosmosos ft. Djane Gaby
For Such a Time - Banco De Gaia
When The Worlds Collide - Solar Fields





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Equal Dose is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Sonic Spectrums, an exploration of sound designed to showcase both emerging and established artists with a creative approach to electronic music production. First in the series is a set of three solid and distinct productions from Matter, Nort and Extrasolar, each with its own carefully crafted audio spectrum that blurs the lines between Progressive, Techno and Trance. We hope you enjoy this fantastic release from the slickest new label to bubble up from the electronic underground.

Release Tracks:
1. Matter – Single Origin (Original Mix)
2. Nort – Distance (Original Mix)
3. Extrasolar – Groove Idol (Original Mix)




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Equal Dose and Tron Audio are proud to announce the forthcoming debut of Equal Dose Records with the sensational first release ‘Zero One Dot1’ featuring a complete reboot of the original classic ‘Zero One’ by Nort plus two diverse remixes by Australian based artist Backroom Reality and New Zealand based artist Spoonhead.

First up Nort propels his iconic original into the modern age with a powerful, stripped back evolution that captures the imagination and creates a vast audio landscape primed for discovery. Progressive bass lines, clean synths and grinding cogs are the order of the day.

Meanwhile Backroom Reality steps to the plate with a tough industrialised remake crafted in a realm of steam, steel, fire and air. A sound destined to rumble dance floors far and wide.

To complete the package Spoodhead serves up a unique and twisted journey of electrified breakbeat that ebbs and flows and will lend itself well to big rigs and festival atmospheres everywhere.

For more information visit equaldose.net/zero-one-dot1/

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