This is a multi-sample pack, containing a selection of big gaping pads I've created. 6 pads in total.

Each of the pads has been rendered down into two octaves of multi-samples, at 24bit, 48kHz, for maximum quality.

Plus, for all you Ableton Live users, I've included an Ableton Live Project File, so you can open it up and off ya go.

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This is a sample pack containing Drum and Random Percussion Sounds which i made for all of you..

It contains a variety of Drums and Percussion.

  • 5 Kicks
  • 5 Snares
  • 5 Hihats (open and closed)
  • 1 Rim shot
  • 6 Percussion FX

Each sample has been rendered down at 24bit, 48kHz for maximum quality goodness. enjoy!

Files: (6.59 MB)

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This is a sound design tutorial video, based in Ableton Live. It demonstrates how I might go about making a big swishy lush pad.

I will show you how I use the Instrument Rack in Ableton Live to build wide, full spectrum pads, and how I go about EQing and compressing them all together into one big cohesive wall of sponge.

Hope u all enjoy.



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Hi all, just a quick word regarding a few things.

My Electronic Music Production Course Digital Package (a mouthfull huh). Its on its way, still rollin out some more vids for it, and editing away. Just taking my time to make it as excellent as I can. Will have atleast 10hours of vids for yours to chew through!

Also working on a new Techno EP and live set, under my new alias NøRT. Something Im very excited about.

The project will range from Minimal to progressive tek, always tilted toward the banging side of things.

The first EP will be released on Estuary Records and distributed tho it, and this site.

Planning on a wee overhaul of the site aswell. Going to make a few changes in order to suit my needs a bit better.

I've had a few enquires about my electronic music course too. I will be starting another one in CHCH too when the times right.

Keep your eyes peeled and Ill keep ya posted :0)

All the best


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