So its not too often you stumble across an album that your so enthused with, ya just wanna share it with everyone. Well this album was like that for me. Mostly leaning toward the downbeat glitch side of things, its a mellow dream worth indulging in.

Its atmospheres are gleaming, creamy, and feel like they're glinting in the sunlight, full of original and inspiring soundscapes, rich and smooth. It is also highly melodic, well contstructed and often, fully glitched out with mashed up beats, jungle, and even a touch of acid.

If this sounds like its up your ally, I'd recommend grabbing it.

I would have to name "Over the Hill" as my favorite track. A silky smooth mix of everything good tech.




Check it..




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If you live in New Zealand and make sweet electronic music, add it to the SoundCloud group and have it featured on RDU 98.5fm's NZ Lectronica Show, "The Green Room."

If its electronic, tech, digital, made from buttons and dials, get it on!

Thanx, looking foward to hearing them all.



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This is a short tutorial video, introducing you all to a small preset for Ableton Live I've created. Its an audio slicer, for creating small percussive snippets out of all kinds of audio.

Its constructed out of 16 Simplers, set up specifically for this purpose, and then placed into 16 channels of the drum rack.

The Simplers are then sub-grouped into sets of four to enable an easy and quick interface via macro nobs.

Just drag samples into the Simplers and off you go..

I've found this absolutely great for Minimal Techno Percs!


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Here's a sample pack designed to help augment any bass patch you may be working on. Its a 1.5 octave Multisample pack (C0 - G1) containing just the sweet, pure sine wave sub bass produced from my Korg MS2000B.

The MS2000 is one of the sweetest sub bass synths out there, and I'd recommend grabbing the pack. Use it to fill out the bottom end of your soft synth bass. Chuck a high pass filter on the other bass instruments and let my MS2000 do the rest.. Also included is an Ableton Live Project File. Open the project file and the sampler preset should work..

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