Sound is vibration transmitted through a solid, liquid, or gas; particularly, sound means those vibrations composed of frequencies capable of being detected by ear. There are two types of waves:

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Hosted at Tandem Studios and streamed online, Delicious Music and Tron Audio are proud to present ten weeks of electronic music production workshops. Starting from the basics, each workshop follows on from the previous, creating a progressive foundation of knowledge, skills and understanding, needed to produce top quality electronic music for New Zealand.

The topics covered will be Basic Sound Theory and Synthesis101, Bass Synthesis, Creating and using Percussion, Chord Instruments, Lead Instruments, Effects Basics, Effects Advanced, and a three part series in Track Construction. Workshops are taught on Ableton Live, although the knowledge taught is designed to be general and applicable to all applications. Students will also receive Live Packs of the topics covered, which they can take home and use.

The Workshops will run from 6:00 till 8:00 every Tuesday evening, starting from April the 13th. At 6:00 the workshop class will begin, and will run for an hour. From 7:00 till 8:00 will be open work time, where students can ask questions, work on topics covered and receive extra tuition.

Workshops are $5 per person, per class, and places are limited. Tandem Studios is located at 78 Oxford Tce, Chch. Classes will also be streamed online. Updates will be added over time. Contact [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for bookings or questions. Individual tuition available.

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In this video, I go over how I would create a mastering chain for my live set.

Live set mastering is a lot easier and more gentle that mastering for an album. Your goal should be to achieve level at 0db without clipping an having a clean and consistent sound through out your set. You don't need to be so accurate and discerning to make it sound good coming out the PA. One of the key differences being that your creating a chain to accommodate for multiple tracks, rather than creating a tailored mastering chain for each individual track. Thus, you have to be a lot more gentle and general with your processing.

I cover EQ, Compression, Limiting and even Mid Side processing.

Hope it helps




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Just finished mastering Spoonheads Debut Album. That boy's really stepped it up I tell ya.

Full of tasty NZ outdoor style progressive, big breaks and glitchy psy.

Spoonhead - Augmented Duality

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