In this video, I go over how I would create a mastering chain for my live set.

Live set mastering is a lot easier and more gentle that mastering for an album. Your goal should be to achieve level at 0db without clipping an having a clean and consistent sound through out your set. You don't need to be so accurate and discerning to make it sound good coming out the PA. One of the key differences being that your creating a chain to accommodate for multiple tracks, rather than creating a tailored mastering chain for each individual track. Thus, you have to be a lot more gentle and general with your processing.

I cover EQ, Compression, Limiting and even Mid Side processing.

Hope it helps




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Just finished mastering Spoonheads Debut Album. That boy's really stepped it up I tell ya.

Full of tasty NZ outdoor style progressive, big breaks and glitchy psy.

Spoonhead - Augmented Duality

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So I've been away for the past few weeks up in beautiful takaka, in the top of the South Island of New Zealand, while attending and playing at Luminate Festival. Was an amazing festival with may amazing musicians featured. While I was away we went for a few walks in the stunning bush and took some nice field recordings. Heres a selection of samples which we took.

Theres some nice stream samples, lots with rocks, atmosphere, birds, wasps... All sorts. appologies for the stray voices in there, just hangin..

I hope its of some use to you all.

Files: (30.05 MB)

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So its not too often you stumble across an album that your so enthused with, ya just wanna share it with everyone. Well this album was like that for me. Mostly leaning toward the downbeat glitch side of things, its a mellow dream worth indulging in.

Its atmospheres are gleaming, creamy, and feel like they're glinting in the sunlight, full of original and inspiring soundscapes, rich and smooth. It is also highly melodic, well contstructed and often, fully glitched out with mashed up beats, jungle, and even a touch of acid.

If this sounds like its up your ally, I'd recommend grabbing it.

I would have to name "Over the Hill" as my favorite track. A silky smooth mix of everything good tech.




Check it..




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